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PROMETHEUS - BC Bright Barrel 363 M4?AK102?Next Generation Series

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?Inner bore width of f6.05mm with a ±0.01mm tolerance!
?BC Bright Coating reduces corrosion, oxidation, and rusting.
Inner barrel bore width of 6.05mm with a tolerance of ±0.01mm, made of brass for the best balance of strength and accuracy providing great cost-performance.

¦The barrel is arguably the heart of any airsoft gun and determines various performance factors such as velocity (FPS), accuracy, and precision (consistency). Real steel guns have a single metal barrel while airsoft gun barrels come in two pieces, an inner and outer barrel. The outer barrel reproduces the appearance of a real steel barrel, while the inner barrel is the actual barrel which fires the BB.

¦The BC Bright Barrel Series is based off of the Tokyo Marui specification barrels. BC Bright Barrels fit a variety of guns and outer barrels, so you can choose from a wide selection of barrel lengths that best suits your own custom build!

¦Length: 363mm matched length for M4?AK102?Next Generation Series
·Inner diameter 6.05mm

¦MATERIAL: BC Bright coated Brass


Please check that you are within the joule limits of your country before customizing your airsoft gun.
Be sure to abide by the Japan Sword and Gun law`s limit of 0.98 joules! !
Check your airsoft gun`s performance in a large variety of settings, temperatures and other situations to be sure that the joule limit is not breached!!

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